We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

The vast majority of Chile’s population are young people.  This generation is desperately seeking for purpose and hope in life.  Many search for satisfaction in money, in relationships, or in drugs and alcohol…

 “Why am I here?  Does life have any meaning?”

Please pray that God will help us reach young people like these with the Good News.  With God’s help, in our generation, we want to see a local church planted within the reach of every Chilean.


 For centuries Chile has been traditionally Catholic.  The amazing news is that this new generation is leaving their Catholic roots!  They are much more open to other religions.  The saddly many of the sects and false religions are growing because these young people are looking for the truth…


…but there are very few churches preaching the truth.  Pray that God would raise up more workers for the harvest in Chile. 

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