We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

$66,000 has now been received!!
What a thrill the past three months have been for us to witness first hand God’s miraculous power.  In October of last year, we signed a contract to buy land for our ministry in Chile.  We had only 3 months to raise $66,000!  Although it seemed like an impossible task, over 70 churches and individuals have given an offering towards the project. We would especially like to thank our home church, Fellowship Baptist, for the part they had in this project with their gift of over $20,000.  What an encouragement for us to have a sending church with such a passion for missions.

With God’s help, in February we will begin the first phase of remodeling and begin to utilize the building for services.  Our church people are eager to change buildings allowing for more space to invite visitors.

Please continue to pray with us about the second payment of $42,000, which is due in 14 months!  After seeing God work in miraculous ways with the first $66,000, we know that He is able to do the same in the second phase! 

Thanks once again for your prayers and for your sacrificial giving.  It’s unbelievable what God has done through His people in such a short amount of time.