We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

This Sunday morning was a milestone in the ministry in Chile.  Our people labored endlessly last week to complete the final details of the renovation of the new property.   As we put the last chair in its place on Saturday night, we eagerly awaited what God would do in that first service. 

Over 600 personal invitations had been given out to friends and family members of the people in our church.  Also over 400 letters had been sent out to every contact we have. 

This Sunday morning, 15th of April, God blessed beyond our greatest hopes.  We had over 220 people attend the first service of the church!!  And 15 people made a profession of faith!!  Praise God!!

We can never thank you enough for your prayers and support.

Here are a few pictures of our big day.




God is good, and we praise Him for all that He is doing.