We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

On the 29th of March, hundreds of teenagers took to the streets to protest against the police.  The unruly youth built fires in the streets, destroyed public property, and did millions of dollars of damage throughout the city. The area of our church was affected as well. 



Around midnight, our assistant pastor, Ivan Chacon, heard some loud noises near the location of our new building.  When he went out to investigate, right in front of our new property were nearly 50 young men burning tires and wood in the street and destroying anything in sight.  Ivan went closer to insure the safety of our building, and he saw 4 teenagers inside the fence of the property.  They were looking for anything to burn and were looking for a way to get into the building.  After they broke a large window with some rocks, Ivan managed to get them out of the property.

Thankfully, neither Ivan nor the church building suffered any major damage.  We realized that our fence was not high enough or strong enough to protect the future church building.  We had no option but to tear it down and put up another fence.                  

The total cost of the fence was over $2,200.  This is just one of the many extra expenses incurred during the construction to get the building ready for services.  Please pray about what you can do to invest in souls in Chile.