We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

For nearly 8 months out of the year, central Chile receives almost no rain.  And when it does rain, it floods – fast!

  • It started raining Monday
  • Tuesday – rain
  • Wednesday was a holiday in Chile.  The men planned a work day at church to paint and to fix the church sign… It was raining… When we entered the auditorium, we found a mini-lake!  Water was leaking in from three different spots!  One of the young people climbed into the attic to look for the leak…  With his wait, and the sitting water, down came a huge piece of the sheet-rock (ceiling).  Eight hours later, we had the leaks patched, the sheet-rock fixed, and the floor cleaned!  What a day!
  • Thursday it rained.  We still had about 50 people in the evening service.  Most arrived walking and soaked.
  • Today all schools in Santiago were canceled because of the flooding.  Almost 1/3 of the city is without running water – Seems odd that a flood of water… cuts the ‘running’ water!?!
  • Sadly, 5 have died because of the flooding
  • BUT, the sun is out this afternoon and we’re praying for a great weekend! 

Click here to see some crazy pictures of the flooding in Chile!