We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

God continues to bless in Chile!  We continue to see people saved and lives changed.  This past Sunday we had our highest attendance on a normal (not a special event, conference, anniversary, etc.) Sunday ever!  We had 151 in the morning service and 101 in the evening service with one profession of faith!  Praise the Lord for His goodness!!!

Here are a few upcoming events:

1.  Baptisms – next Sunday in Baptism Sunday.  We look forward to baptising more than 15 people! 
2.  English Class Ministry – next week Jason Kenney will be leading our new Evangelistic English Class Ministry.  I’ll post more information about that next week. 
3.  Spiritual Growth is the theme for October at the church.  I’m looking forward to what God will do.

Be praying for us in October.  Our prayer is that more will be saved, believers will grow, and His name will be glorified!