We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

This is the continuation of my first post.

1.  True teaching is not that which gives knowledge, but that which stimulates pupils to gain it.

2.  What’s important is not what you do as a teacher, but what the learners do as a result of what you do.

3.  Do you keep the people in your class feeling comfortable?  Or do you let their equilibrium de disturbed so they realize, I’ve got to study God’s Word more and think more; I’ve got to try this out in real life?

4.  If you want to change a person permanently, make sure his thinking changes, and not merely his behavior.

5.  Teach people how to learn.  Create learners who will perpetuate the learning process for the rest of their lives.

6.  The average listener in evangelical churches is not excited by the truth… They’ve never had the experience of discovery learning in the Word of God… of saying personally, “This is what God has said. This is what He wants me to do.  Somebody’s got to hear about it and experience the kind of changes in life that I’m experiencing!”

7.  Failure is a necessary part of the learning process.

8.  I learned that my primary task is to convincingly tell the student, “I believe in you! You’re going to make it!”

9.  When a student to that hungry, tell him or her all you can.