We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions
  1. Friday night we had the best couples meeting ever!  Nearly 60 adults attended the event.  Many made important decision to work on the communication in marriage.
  2. Saturday we had a great youth meeting with 50+ teens from 3 different churches.  The activity was off the charts – Praise the Lord!
  3. Sunday morning we had excellent attendance – 178!  We’ve had to borrow chairs for the last few weeks to handle the amount of attendees.  Our church people are doing an incredible job of bringing their lost friends!
  4. After the morning service, we went by the hospital to see the newest addition to our church – baby Mateo.  One of our key couples, Eric (Children’s church teacher/leader) and Jenny (Sunday school teacher of 7-11 years old), rushed to the hospital early Saturday morning, and before the end of the day Mateo was born.
  5. About an hour after the hospital visit, I spoke at a funeral gathering.  As I shared the gospel with the family, who had visited our church a few times a couple of years ago, it was extremely sad… knowing that the 45 year old man who had died, was not a Christian.  That’s the hardest thing imaginable for a missionary… We’ve got to more to reach people with the gospel!
  6. Sunday evening more than 135 people gathered for the youth evangelistic play.  It was AWESOME!  They did an incredible job!!  By the time the play came to an end, and I was cued to head to the pulpit to present the gospel, dozens of people were crying and hearts were ripe for the message.  After giving a 5 or 6 minutes salvation message, 7 people trusted Christ as their Savior!!  What a weekend!!!

Glory be to God!!