We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Many of you already know that I broke my arm 2 1/2 weeks ago!!!  This is the way it happened… Sunday night about 11:00, I was finishing my last “to do” item before leaving for camp the next morning with our church teens.  Lori had asked me a few weeks earlier to fix the locks on a couple of windows before leaving for camp… and as a good procrastinator… near midnight on the day before I left, i was fixing the windows!  haha! 

With one foot on the kitchen counter and the other on a chair, I was drilling a hole about 8 feet from the ground… when suddenly the chair slid, and I fell backwards from atop the kitchen counter to the ceramic floor.  I heard a clear cracking sound and felt a horrible pain in my arm.  A quick glance confirmed my fears that the chair was not broken… and the cracking sound must have been my arm! 

After a trip to the ER… we arrived home after 3:00 am… Thankfully I didn’t need surgery!  Below is a picture from the camp.

According to the doctors I’ll be back to normal in another couple of weeks!  Thanks for your prayers and emails!