We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Often in world evangelism articles and books I read of the great need among the unreached people groups of the world, and doubtless the need is grave!!  At the same time, these articles tend to cast doubt on the true spiritual darkness in Latin America.  Some even say that Latin America has been evangelized and needs no more missionaries.  

Sitting in an office in some distance city, this sounds like an interesting thesis… but being a ground soldier in one of South America’s largest cities, I can attest to the urgent need for gospel preaching churches and missionaries!!  There are literally millions who have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel.  

Last night as I sat in the home of a young couple and shared the gospel with them, the husband gave a clear testimony of salvation.  Then, the catholic wife told me she had never heard anyone explain to her the simple plan of salvation.  Moments later, she made the life-altering decision to accept Christ!  

Latin America has seen a growth in Evangelical-Pentecostal churches over the last few decades… but most of these churches are filled with ill-prepared pastors who do little to proclaim the gospel.  The sad truth is that most of their congregations have no more assurance of their relationship with Christ as do the blind followers of the Catholic church!  

We need faithful preachers of sound doctrine who are charged with an evangelistic zeal to reach the masses.  Will you pray will me today that God will raise up such men to reach these countries with the gospel?