We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

A couple of post ago I wrote about incredible numbers.  Using the raw numbers, you can see the mammoth task we have as missionaries to reach a country with the gospel.  So, how can we do this?  We often speak of literally reaching the world with the gospel, but do we believe in it? Let’s explore this issue some…

Most missionaries hope to plant a church or two every term and train national leadership for each church. Let’s work through this model…

– Let’s say that an average missionary can start 2 churches on average per term (by the way, there are FEW missionaries that have averaged that!)

– Let’s say the missionary stays on the field for 30 years… there’s also few that do that…

– With a 4 year term and a year for furlough… he would serve six terms in 30 years (6×4=24 + 6 yrs. of furloughs = 30 years)

– That gives us 12 churches on the foreign field after 30 years.

Not bad, huh?  But, remember the numbers from the previous post?  We need 300+ churches to just reach the country of Chile!  According to our example, we would need 25 above-average missionaries to start working now to ‘reach’ Chile by 2039 (30 years from now)!!!!

Let’s apply that globally.  Using these numbers, we would need 10,000+ above-average missionaries to start today working like crazy to reach this world by 2039.

This example also assumes that the world population doesn’t change.

Looking at these numbers, there seems to be little hope that one person can make a difference

Check back tomorrow to read Part II… because I think we might have an answer to our dilemma!