We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Ten years ago I was on Christmas break from my freshman year at Crown College! I don’t know how to start to explain how awesome the last ten years have been for me!!  Here are a few of the highlights of this decade:

– 2000 I spent 6 months in Peru that completely changed forever my way of viewing missions.
– 2001 I went on my first date with Lori in February and married her in December. This was the best decision of the decade!!!!!!!! Thank you God for giving me a GREAT wife!
-2001 I was accepted as a missionary with Macedonia World Baptist Missions and started deputation in May.
– 2002 I finished Bible college!!
– 2002 My Dad went home to be with the Lord.  I miss him tons!
– 2002 Our first child, Katie, was born in December! Being a father was been an ENORMOUS privilege and joy!
– 2002 We finished deputation by the end of the year.
– 2003 Left for language school in January.
– 2003 Lori and I finished language school at the end of the year.
– 2004 We spent time gaining experience with Austin Gardner in Peru.
– 2004 We went back to the USA for 3 months before leaving for Chile.
– 2005 We left for Chile in February
– 2005 Joshua was born in June.  He was our first born in Chile.
– 2005 We started Bible studies for the new church plant in August
– 2005 October 23rd was our first official serivce
– 2006 That year was filled with hard work and much prayers as we grew the church.
– 2007 Andrew was born in January.  I love them all! Couldn’t imagine life without them!
– 2007 The Kenney family joined us in the work in Chile.
– 2008 The Mcbryar family arrived a few months after the Kenneys to study the language as well.
– 2009 We joined Vision Baptist Church, and now we are sent out of that great church.
– 2009 We officially started the Bible Institute in Chile
– 2009 We started our second church plant.  So far we are only having one service a week in the new work.

There are so many other details that could be included in this list… but I won’t bore you will more info!

These have been the most fantastic years of my life!!  I would have never imagined back during the Christmas break of ’99 all that God would have planned for me.  I CAN’T WAIT to see what he has planned for the next decade!!!