We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Let’s be honest, traveling around the world is expensive. Airfare alone with all its hidden costs can easily break anyone’s budget. But what if you could see the world, without leaving the United States?
The world itself has gotten smaller. It was once normal that in order to taste authentic Indian food, you would need to travel to India. Or, if you had an interest in Somalia, it would be nearly impossible to get to Somalia to meet and converse with a Somalian. Those days, however, are over.

This summer in Atlanta, Georgia; high school and college age students can see the world in what is becoming one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation. In the city of Atlanta, within one hour you can make it to either the largest Islamic mosque in the Southeastern United States or the largest Hindu temple within the entire country. There are an estimated 100,000 Chinese and 75,000 Muslims living in the Atlanta area. In addition to these people groups there are also Korean, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Vietnamese, Bosnian and many more ethnicities that are all found in the city.

This five day long camp is also unique in that it directs students towards the cause of world missions. Students will spend time on the street, in a mosque, at a Buddhist temple and visit many other places as they learn about cultures and religions from all over the world that need to hear the Gospel message. Not only will they be able to have experiences that many Americans have not had, but they will also be challenged by missionaries from around the world and spend time with them as well.

The camp takes place June 14-18. What is the cost? At only $125 ($25 registration fee and $100 camp fee), it is certainly cheaper than flying round trip to nearly any city within the USA. You can find out more information and register now by going to and clicking on events. You do not want to miss this camp, it is five days that can change the world.