We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

God has provided all but $2,050.00 for the construction project!  Please continue to pray that we will reach the goal and finish this project!

Here’s an outside view of the new Sunday School addition.

This will be the front door. As you can see, we still have much work to be done to finish the walls, put in the windows and doors, etc.

Here’s the unfinished version of one of the new classes. We used it for the first time this Sunday.

This bathroom is obviously not finished… but it will be soon!

This is the hallway.

Here’s the second classroom!

This will be my office when everything is finished!

This is classroom number 3

This is a view of the ceiling in the hallway.

This is our storage room… every church needs one!

This is classroom #4

This will be the front yard in the future… pretty small huh?

This is a picture of Lori and me in the middle of our old children’s Sunday School class. This rental property we turned back into the owner this weekend.

This is the front of the rental property that we used for the last 4 years… this Saturday we returned the building to the owner.