We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Last night a massive 8.8 earthquake hit Chile.  Although we are several hours from the epicenter, we still felt 8.0 level shaking for nearly 2 minutes.  Three large buildings and several bridges near are church have collapsed.  Many are injured and more than 120 have died so far.

Thankfully no one in our family was hurt!  As far as we know, no one in our church was injured either.

Be praying that God will use this tragedy to bring many people to Him.  As we drove to the church just a couple of hours ago, we passed dozens of people who were standing in the streets in a state of confusion and shock.  Others have pitched tents in the parks because of structural damage to their homes.  This afternoon we’re having a special prayer service at the church, and tomorrow we’re having 2 morning services and one afternoon service.  Pray will us that many people will come to know the Lord through this difficult time.

We are still without electricity and internet in our home.  Phone connections and cellphone coverage has been spotty throughout the morning.  We’ll give you more updates during the next few days.