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Question #3 – Why are you raising funds before you know specifically which property you are going to purchase?

Typically a missionary finds a piece of property, and then sets off to raise money.  It’s a plan that I and many others have used in the past.  But, there are a few disadvantages to this method.  Here are a couple:

1. When you find cheap prime property, usually the owner isn’t interested in waiting 6-12 months while the missionary gets funding for the project.  The ideal property is then sold to a cash buyer.

2. Bargain prices are rarely ever found with the “find property, THEN raise money for many months” method.  Like in every large metropolis, in Santiago every month foreclosed property is sold at the auction, and some desperate sellers drop their prices well below market value looking to get rid of the property quickly.  That’s the kind of deal we are looking for and praying for!!! Those kinds of deals work best with cash.

Conclusion:  We are raising $75,000 to buy property for a church in Chile.  With cash in hand, we can search for the perfect lot, at an ideal price… and then negotiate an even better price!!  It’s just a much more logical and practical use of God’s funds!

You can give today towards this exciting opportunity!  Pray about it, and send us an email if you want to partner with this project –

We already have $2,148.58 that has been given towards the project!

If you have more questions, let us know.

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