We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Today we launch a ten week ministry to help drug addicts, alcoholics, and their families. This will be our first time to focus specifically on this area. Countless lives in our community are being utterly destroyed by these deceptions. Pray with us that God will use this ministry to bring the hope of Christ to dozens of lives.

As our church strives to reach this segment of the population, it reminds us of how many other communities of Santiago, Chile still need a gospel preaching church. We are doing our best to train preachers for the ministry. Will you help us raise money to buy land so we can start more churches? We need your help! Pray with us about this exciting opportunity. Learn more about this project at or watch our video update.

By the way, we had $100 given to help us pass the 5K mark in 5 days!!  There are 36 hours left and we need $1,466.42 to pass this goal. Pray!