We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Half way through our Tuesday night drug/alcohol recovery class Rodrigo came in.  He’s a 33 year old addicted to a cheap form of crack cocaine.  He spoke up during my message to object to the notion that Christ could change him.  Later, he told us how drugs have ravaged his family.  His wife and teenage daughter are both addicts.  Yes, at 33 he has a daughter in her late teens.  His daughter has a live-in boyfriend who shares the addiction as well.  Their apartment serves as a hub for drug trafficking and usage.  As he told the story of their broken lives, God broke our hearts.

Sadly Rodrigo’s case is not unusual.  All around our church there are dozens and dozens of families that are utterly destroyed by the enemy’s lies.  Rodrigo didn’t accept Christ this week, but we plan to continue to reach out to this family.

Every day I am more convinced that we must have more churches to preach the gospel to these people!  Help us pray for more labours and for funds to buy land for churches.  Find out how you can help.