We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Our Missions Conference ’10 wrapped up this week in the main church in Santiago, Chile.  The Chilean christians increased their projected annual missions giving to just over $8,000 dollars!!  It’s fantastic to see them assuming their responsibility to reach their country and the world with the gospel.  They are currently supporting missionaries in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Morocco.  God willing, tomorrow we will take on another missionary to Ecuador!

Imagine this… just over 5 years ago, Faith Baptist Church didn’t exist.  Today, there are 7 men training for the ministry from the church, two daughter churches have been planted (actually the first services for the 2nd daughter church are scheduled for Sunday December 12th – more info in future post), $8,000 dollars annually is being sent  to support other missionaries, and literally scores of families have been radically changed by the gospel!!

God has done some pretty amazing things during this first term in Chile!

Just imagine, with God’s favor, where the ministry could be in 5 more years!  That thought encourages me enough to keep moving forward despite any trial or difficulty!!

All of this is possible only because you have given!  You have given monthly to support our family.  You have faithfully prayed for our ministry.  You have invested above and beyond our wildest expectation to purchase land for churches and to support the Bible college ministry.  WE COULD HAVE NEVER DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!  Thank you so very much!!