We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

There are few adequate words to describe how I feel when engulfed by a special work of God.  Between Monday evening and last night, I got emails from several people who were led of God to invest in land for church in Chile.  Here’s a quick list:

1. $600 from a family in one of our supporting churches
2. $300 from a dear lady who has served the Lord for decades and has been a friend of my family since my mother was an infant
3. $40 from a buddy from high school that is excited about the ministry in Chile (this is his 4th time giving towards the project since September!!)
4. $200 from a family that I’ve never met, but who reads our blog post
5. $5,000 from a church that I spoke in their missions conference via Skype about a month ago
That’s a total of $6,140 in 48 hours!!!!!!  I’m amazed at God and His people!!
From the bottom of my heart, I thank God for His goodness and faithfulness. I also want to thank every person that has prayed with us unceasingly for the ministry in Chile.  To everyone who has sacrificially given to make this project possible, thank you.  Undoubtedly in heaven you’ll meet precious souls who accepted Christ in the church in Chile, and all of this is only possible because of you.