We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

After six action packed years in Chile, our family will be taking an abbreviated 9 month furlough from May-January.  Here are a few of our goals for this furlough:

1. Let our children adapt to American culture, language, and life.  Katie was 4 weeks old when we left for language school, and the boys were both born in Chile.  They have never been back to the USA for any extended time.  During our furlough we look forward to them attending a Christian school and our home church.  They will also occasionally accompany me on trips to visit churches.

2. We earnestly need to raise $1,000 of monthly support to replace lost support we’ve incurred during our 6 years term in Chile.  As the ministry has grown, our monthly support has decreased… that’s not a good combination!  If you would like for our family to present the ministry in your church, contact us at or 770-456-5614.

3. Many of our supporting churches have sacrificially given for years to our ministry.  We want to visit as many of these precious churches as possible to thank them for their kindness and tell them of the progress in the ministry.  If you are one of our supporting pastors who would like us to visit and give an update about the ministry, please send us an email or call – / 770-456-5614.  Unfortunately, it will be virtually impossible to visit all of our supporting churches in this shortened furlough, but we hope to visit as many as possible.

Of course this time will also serve as a great opportunity for the three churches we have planted in Chile to grow under the leadership of Chilean pastors.  We are looking forward to how God will use this time to forge stronger men and women of God.

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