We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Church in a dance studio

From June-August 2010 we held neighborhood Bible studies in a community void of any gospel preaching churches.  In September God led us to launched Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening services.  The big question for us was what location to use for this new church plant.

As the guys began to look for a community center that would loan or rent us their space a couple of days a week, they came across a dance studio.  After brief negotiation, they agreed to rent us the small building on Sundays and Wednesday evenings.  From then on, the pulpit has been just a few feet from the wall mounted ballet bar!

Problems with this location:

1. The building is great for about 40 people.  Right now, the group of believers is filling this building weekly.  They need more room to keep growing.

2.  The start of Sunday School is on hold, because we do not have space for classes at the dance studio.

3.  There is no rental contract at the dance studio.  They only let us use the facility month to month.  In other words, at any given moment they could kick us out.  By the way, they were unwilling to sign a contract with a church because they want to maintain the right at any time to discontinue our usage of the building.

4.  Not only do we need a building for our 3 weekly services, but we need a place to host children’s rallies, weekly teens meetings, monthly women’s activities, men’s meetings, and couple’s meetings.  In the dance studio, we can never have extra activities.

5.  We need a place for discipleship.  One of the building blocks of our ministry has been one-on-one discipleship.  These meetings can take place in the home, except when the immediate family is not supportive of the decision one made to follow Christ in a Baptist church – which is the case with most new believes.

6.  Also, they will not let us put a sign out front except during our church services (3 hours a week).  Unfortunately most people in the community do not take the church very seriously because of its temporary, transient atmosphere.

Be praying that God will provide the 11K needed for a building on the new property!!!