We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

The Land for Churches in Chile Project has naturally developed into a 3 part plan – downpayment, building, and final payment.

Originally back in September 2010, we asked you to pray with us about land for one of our recent and growing church plants.  From then on, we began to pray for $75,000 dollars to purchase property, as we searched high and low for the best deal.  God has opened the door for us to buy an ideal piece of property in a fantastic location (more about that to come) for a total of $70,000!!  *Notice we are $5,000 under budget, which is always a good thing.

Here’s a break down of the 3 part plan:

1. Phase 1 – the downpayment – During Phase 1, God sent in $25,360 through many of our faithful supporters.  We are using these funds for the downpayment of the property!  In just a few more days we will have full use of the property!!  Phase 1 is finished!!!

2. Phase 2 – the building – Although we will have complete access to the property in a few more days, there is currently no building on the land.  It will be difficult to fully utilize the property without a building, especially since we are entering the winter months in Chile.  During Phase 2, we need to raise only $11,000 for the building!  By the way, this $11,000 is not in addition to the total cost of $70,000… it’s part of it.

If God provides the funds for this phase during June, we will start building in July!  Pray with us for another miracle during the next 5 weeks!  Who would be the first to give?

3.  Phase 3 – the final payment – During this phase we will need to raise the additional $33,640 to reach our total goal of $70,000.

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