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Radical life change can take a long, long, long time!  This is one of the key lessons I learned during our first term in Chile.  I was utterly shocked after 3 months at our new church plant, back in 2005, that we didn’t have 20-30 faithfully growing disciples of Jesus.  The truth is, after 3 months, we only had a handful of partially interested new believers who gave little time and less money to the work!

I was also convinced that we would have a full time Bible college up and running near the end of our first year on the field… Little did I know that no one would surrender to the ministry for over three years! Quickly I saw that church planting is a long term project that requires tons of patience.

This lesson shouldn’t have been a surprise.  As I evaluate my own life, I see how long it took me to grow in the Lord.  I accepted Christ when I was 16 years old.  Another year went by before I began to read the Bible every day and grow as a Christian.  Nine months later I knew God was leading me into the ministry.  Another six months went by before I entered Bible college.   From the day I accepted Christ until I entered Bible college was over two years…

How long did it take you to grow in the basics of the Christian faith?  Why do we think that on the foreign field things will be easier and faster?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue!

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