We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Read this radical testimony from one of our 2012 interns.  I love his total commitment to the cause of world evangelism.  Do you have this much faith???

This past Sunday, we let the church know what God has been speaking to us about for a few months now.  This January, I (along with my family) will be transitioning from the Assistant Pastor to Staff Missionaries and will be leaving for a year-long missions trip.  The first 6 months will be in Arequipa, Peru and the last 6 months will be in Santiago, Chile.  We are very excited about how God is moving in our lives.


Well, in short, because we are following God.  I have been praying about this, seeking counsel, and begging God for clarity concerning His plan for my life for some time now.  I have a tremendous burden for world evangelism.  You see, we want so desperately for God to expand our world view and to extend our ability to lead in world evangelism, that we feel He wants us to experience life on the mission field. Honestly, we don’t know for sure how He will direct as 2012 draws to an end, but we are more than confident He already has it figured out!  We do know that God will use us in equipping leaders and training men to further the Gospel and planting churches.

This is a big step for us.  We will be leaving our jobs, paychecks, home, security, and everything we know behind in order to follow God.  But I believe with everything inside of me that God is leading this way!  We have a lot of money to raise, and a lot to accomplish before we leave.  We are asking friends and family to consider helping support us during this time.  I am asking you to prayerfully consider supporting us for 1 year.  You can send any checks to the Victory Baptist Church (address will be below) made out to the church and notated that it is for Patrick Henry.  You can give monthly or give one-time gifts.  Every little bit will help us as we follow God in this next chapter of our lives.

I ask that you pray for us.  Pray that we will learn much, that we will be able to assist in much, that God will use us as well as use others in our lives!  I have so much I would like to say here but I just can’t find the words.

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