We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

We have exciting news to announce on Monday about the land project for one of our churches in Chile.  Below is an article one of our supporting churches is using to inform their congregation about the need.

Our Story

Since arriving in Chile in 2005, God has allowed Jason Holt and his family to start three churches and a Bible college in the capital city of Santiago.  They are passionate about preparing young men and women to reach Chile with the Gospel.  Each of the young churches is now being pastored by men Jason has prepared.  One of those pastors is Nicolas Mazzella.

Several years ago this once agnostic liquor salesman could have never imagined the transformation that was going to take place in his life.  Months after seeing the change God had brought in his wife and children’s lives after accepting Christ as Savior, Nicolas came to the feet of Jesus too. Now, four years later, he is pastoring the Iglesia Bautista Omega (Omega Baptist Church).  It’s amazing to see this man who once was destroyed by sin now lead a growing congregation of new believers. 

Our Need

Since this church was planted about 18 months ago, dozens of people have been saved by God’s grace.  The community building they rent 2 days a week for church activities is no longer adequate for the growing church.  

As they began to pray about this need some months ago, God led them to an ideal piece of land at a bargain price!  But land is very expensive in this densely populated capital city.  They still need over $40,000 to buy the property and build a small building.  Please pray with them that God would supply this need in the next few months.