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Reason #3 – The real strength of the ministry in Chile is put to the test.

Furlough is like throwing the ministry in the deep-end and standing back to see if it sinks or swims!  To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when we left Chile in June 2011.  In theory the ministry would continue along without me, but only time would tell.

Was the ministry built only on my personality or my ability?  Were the guys ready to take leadership and continue on in my absence?  Was I the glue that held everything together?  Were people following Christ or were they following me?  Those questions would be answered, for good or for bad, during our furlough.

Understand, I’m being completely open and transparent with you.  These doubts are never discussed openly, but all missionaries mull over them privately!

We thank God that the ministry has continued strong in our absence and has even grown!  The guys have done a remarkable job in the ministry!  Souls have been saved nearly every week, people continue to be discipled, and new ministries have been launched!

Words cannot express how proud I am of our Chilean guys!!  We give God the glory for it all!!!!

This testing time would have never been possible without a furlough.

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