We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Below is an article originally posted on my pastor’s blog.  We are so privileged to have such an incredible home church!  Thank you all at Vision BC for an such memorable Blessing Service and for everything you do for our ministry and family.  We love you all!

Vision is privileged to be the home church to several missionary families. They are loved and respected a great deal by our church people. A week ago today Vision had the privilege of having a blessing service for Jason Holt and his family.


In the blessing service we dedicate the entire time to blessing and praying for the missionary family. Members of the church will share testimonies of their love and respect for the family. Pastor Robert Canfield and Pastor Trent Cornwell preached messages to challenge and encourage them!

I was able to give some advice and challenges to them as well. Then the church writes letters to be put in a box that will serve to encourage them on the field if they wish. The letters are just our people sharing their heart and love for the Holts.

They also receive a sword. Their sword was inscribed with “his hand clave to the sword!” This is true of the work that God has done through this wonderful family. They have grabbed the Word of God and not let go!

The church then gathers around the couple to pray for them. It is a wonderful evening.



Thank you Jason and Lori for your service to our king. Thanks for allowing Vision to have a part in your ministry!