We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Reason #2 – We get to mobilize others for the mission field.

I’ve had dozens of conversations over the past few months with young people who are considering full-time missions service.  Well over a hundred times I’ve told others that 95% of the world is located outside of the USA, and there’s about a 95% chance God wants them to go outside of the USA to serve Him!

These aren’t cliches I repeat mindlessly.  I earnestly believe they are biblically based and Christ-centered thoughts about His purpose for our lives.

Thankfully, after some of these conversations, a few have decided to serve along our side in Chile!  I’ll be writing more about this soon.  I know God alone can call, but I believe He uses people to encourage His calling.

As missionaries greatly influenced my decision to go to the mission field as a teenager (specifically Austin Gardner, Carl Braswell, and Alan Montgomery), God, in His boundless grace and mercy, is using me now to encourage others to do the same.

This privilege would have never happened without a furlough.

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