We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Reason #1 – We get to thank the people who make our ministry possible.

Nearly every week I stand behind the pulpit of a church who has partnered with our ministry for nearly a decade.  I get to meet families who have given sacrificially to support our family month after month.  We hear stories of how dedicated Christians for years have prayed every week over our old prayer cards!

One pastor told his congregation, after seeing our ministry update video, that he had calculated how many times he had invested personally in our ministry in Chile. The total number was 470.  Since the church took our family on for support 470 weeks before, he had given to faith promise missions each week.  He said he was proud to have a small part in all that God has done in Chile through his 470 offerings!  The encouragement I received from that Sunday night in north Alabama was priceless.

Being able to thank so many of our long-time supporters has made this furlough wonderful.  Everything we do in Chile is possible only because faithful men and women are standing with our family in prayer and financial support.  Thank you!!

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