We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Since we arrived back in Chile about a month ago, I have not posted anything!  Life is starting to settle into a semi-normal routine, and I should be in better touch in the future.

Here are some upcoming events you can pray with us about:

1. Our Bible college semester started back in the first week of March.  We offer a total of 16 hours of classes a week.  This semester I am teaching 5 hours a week.

2. I’ll be preaching in all three churches each week during April.

3. April 6-8 – Between our three churches, we are hosting 14 Easter weekend evangelistic services!!  I’m preaching four of them, and the Chilean pastores are preaching the other ten!

4. April 13-19 – Lori and I will be hosting Jamie and Erica Smithey on their survey trip.

5. April 21 – Our first church is hosting a couples meeting, and I will be speaking at the event.

6. April 20-22 – I will be preaching a missions conference in Santiago, Chile

7. April 28-May 1 – I will be speaking 7 times at a youth retreat just south of Santiago.

8. May 5 – 10 – Lori and I will be hosting Josh and Elizabeth Ewing on their survey trip.

Pray God uses all of these events for His glory!