We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Our first church, Iglesia Bautista Fe (Faith Baptist Church), continues to grow steadily.  It is quite exciting to see this happen under the leadership of our Chilean pastor, Cristian Alarcon, and student-pastor, Carlos Fernandez.  This past Sunday the church had 206 in attendance, 10 were baptized, and some were saved!  They have averaged around 160 since the end of summer break (remember, summer in South America is from January to February).

Because of the growth and the limited building space, this month they are doubling their Sunday morning and evening services!

Now they will have their 1st Sunday school at 9:00, 1st morning service at 10:00, 2nd Sunday school at 11:30, 2nd morning service at 12:30, 1st evening service at 5:30, and 2nd evening service at 7:00.  Yes, this is a crazy schedule – about 7-8 hours of church each Sunday!

My favorite part about this new schedule is my role in the entire project.  I’ll only be preaching occasionally in the Sunday schedule.  All the planning, training, preaching, teaching, etc. is being led by Chileans.  That’s what missions is all about!  Get the local people trained to do the work and launch them out for God’s glory!