We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Growing up in a pastor’s home, we had dozens of missionaries come through our church and house.  These modern day heroes of the faith would revisited our church every 5-10 years – at best.  So, throughout my childhood I would have the opportunity to interact with them maybe 2-3 times.

Things have sure changed!!!!  No longer do you wonder, “what do missionaries do on the field”. Today, you can follow in real time the daily victories, frustrations, and thoughts from missionaries around the world.  Read about last night’s Bible study, rejoice with the first baptisms of a new church plant, or see pictures of the missionary’s kids blowing out birthday candles!  Social media has bridged the gap between the foreign soils and our backyard.

Occasionally I still meet dinosaur missionaries who haven’t embraced facebook and/or twitter.  Forget the antiquated prayer letters hanging on the back of a church hallway (not really pastor, don’t worry!  I’m actually sending one out today ;).  Take advantage of the modern day interactive autobiography called social media.  Don’t miss the opportunity to encourage and influence hundreds or even thousands about God’s global plan!

BTW, you can follow our family and ministry on both facebook and twitter.  How many more missionaries are you following on social media?