We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

First Full Year Furlough Ever

December is always a busy month for everyone. So we just decided to embrace it and begin our furlough right in the middle of it all! In our 16 years on the mission field, 2019 will be the first full year we have ever spent stateside. God has blessed in amazing ways in every area of our family and ministry; but as He has allowed the ministry in Chile to flourish, it has become necessary to raise more financial support. It’s always heartbreaking to leave all those we love in Chile, but we are confident that the work in the Bible college and local churches will continue on strong in our absence.

If you do not currently support the ministry in Chile financially on a monthly basis, would you consider doing so?  God is moving in amazing ways, and we’d love to see you be a part of it all!

2 Summits in 2 Countries

We chose to leave right in the middle of December because we couldn’t miss the Bible college graduation (an event we call “Cumbre NG” or Our Generation Summit). This was by far our most memorable graduation yet, seeing 15 young men and women finish one of our study programs.

     We also had the privilege to be a part of the original Our Generation Summit (yes, we copied the name) at the end of the month in Ohio. Vision Baptist Missions hosts this world evangelism event annually.

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