We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Ministering on Furlough

We often hear that furlough is a time of rest for missionaries.  That’s never been the case for our family, and we wouldn’t want it to be.  We praise the Lord for the opportunities we have had to serve while stateside.  This month, Lori and I had the opportunity to be in California to participate in a family camp for Iglesia Bautista Fe (the Spanish ministry of Faith Baptist of Canoga Park).  This church has been a faithful supporter for 17 years!  Although we enjoy preaching and teaching in English, there is nothing like being with the Latino people and ministering to them in Spanish.  This ministry is 37 years old.  As we watched three generations pose together for family pictures at the end of camp, our hearts were moved to think about all the Lord can and will do in Chile as the years and decades pass.  

Fund Raising

We are 8 months into our furlough and we have seen how God is allowing us to complete with the objectives He laid on our hearts.  One important goal was to raise more monthly support for the growing ministry in Chile. We have been in Chile since 2005, and our support has not increased at the same rate as the cost of living.  I have been traveling extensively and have been in over 80 churches thus far to present the ministry.  We praise the Lord that we are seeing some new support come in, and we ask you to pray with us that more churches will continue to decide to partner with us to fund the new church planting projects in Chile in the years to come.

Land for Liberty

This month in Liberty Baptist Church, Felipe taught his first Bible principle in a church service.  He and his wife are a precious young couple who are praying about full-time Christian service.  God is continuing to raise up laborers out of this young church plant. Please remember to pray for Liberty and consider sacrificially giving toward a permanent facility so this church can continue to grow. Every square foot is currently in use. All donations can be sent to our support address below with a memo “Liberty Land Fund – Chile”.
Vision Baptist Missions PO Box 442Alpharetta, GA 30009