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Reentry Expenses

Our first ever, full-year furlough is coming to a close in the next few months.  We have seen God work in several ways, both stateside and in Chile during this year. We could write several prayers letters about the blessing and complexity that it is to live this multicultural life as a missionary.  It often feels like you are trying to keep up with two worlds at one time.  It’s always a great privilege and often a bit of a struggle.  When it comes to transitioning from one country to another, there is much work and expense to be considered.  Imagine not only moving out of your home, but having to sell, give away, store, or pack into suitcases everything you own; canceling and tying off all monthly recurring utilities, insurance polices, cell phones, etc.; and taking care of many other loose ends, just to get on a long flight and start all over to set up in another country as soon as you land.  But God is faithful and good, and He has always provided and given us the strength we need in these “adventurous” moments.

As we plan to return to Chile at the beginning of 2020 to continue planting churches, we have a few special and urgent requests.  Often we hear our supporters encourage us to share when we need something. This is one of those times. While there are endless ministry needs in Chile, in this letter we would like to share a personal need with you.  Would you pray about giving any amount possible towards our Chile reentry expenses? We are specifically asking the Lord to provide for:

  • the purchase of a vehicle
  • travel expenses
  • paperwork expenses
  • household set-up expenses

The total need for this transition back to Chile is approximately $24,500.  Any amount given would be a great blessing and personal help to our family.  If you would like to donate, you can send a check to our support address below with the comment “reentry expense”.  We also covet your prayers during this transition.  We are all looking forward to being home in Chile soon!