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Change, Change, and More Change

King Solomon helps us to understand that change is a normal part of our life here on earth when he taught us that “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” We are on the brink of new seasons in our family and ministry on several fronts.

This will be the last letter we write to you from the U.S. A country change is upon us as we move back to Chile. Fellow missionaries understand the complexity of a change like this. Although there are a multitude of to-do’s and mixed emotions, King Solomon’s words help align our hearts and minds with Scripture. Goodbyes are difficult, but we are called to a purpose. This first-time full-year furlough, after 17 years in South America, has been monumental for building family relationships and reconnecting to and serving in our home church, Vision Baptist. We have seen such spiritual growth in our teen children, and God has graciously provided much needed monthly support for the growing ministry. We are ready to get back home and get to work! Please pray that God will continue to provide the funds for this transition. So far, we have received $6,470 of the needed $24,500.

Thank you to all who have already given! We will hit the ground running as soon as we land in Santiago. Two young couples are eagerly planning and waiting for the moment to launch their very own church plants in early 2020, and another young couple is scheduled to do the same later this year. God is multiplying the ministry in Chile. We have never planted this many churches in one year! This is an exciting ministry change for us. It will include more travel and create a different dynamic for our family. Our two oldest children are thrilled to assist in the launch of Cross Baptist Church with John and Maria Jose. Josh and Katie were each discipled by John and Maria Jose, and are eager to help them with leading music, teaching classes, and serving in any other capacity to get this new church off the ground. The second church, Liberty Baptist Church of Parral, will be started 4 hours south of Santiago. I will be spending a considerable amount of time in the city of Parral with Carlos and Harlet to assist them in this exciting new work.

If you follow the news, you have surely seen that Chile is undergoing a major societal change. For years, Chile has led Latin America in stability and economics. But the country is now in turmoil, with protests and vandalism becoming the new norm. The Chile we will be returning to is not the same Chile we left. A plan has been put in place to begin to rewrite the constitution in April; a process that could take years. Although we hurt for our Chilean loved ones, we know that God is doing all of this for His glory. Our prayer is that the gospel will flourish amidst these uncertain times and that hearts will become more receptive to hear the truth of God’s Word. Please continue to pray for Chile!

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