We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

There’s No Place Like Home

We have safely arrived home in Chile where we are meant to be, doing what we are meant to do; and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Much of our time the first few weeks was consumed with the setting up process. Praise the Lord we have had much help; which has allowed us to work on necessary projects while also spending time with the Chileans we have so greatly missed. Our new home is very centrically located, and has been full of visitors since day one; which is how we like it. We would like to thank each church and individual who gave toward our reentry expenses. In addition to the planned expenses, there are always “surprises” that we encounter when we’ve been away that end up putting extra strain on the budget. We are so grateful for your generosity!

Surgery for Joshua

Our second day here, we had a frightening “surprise” with our son Joshua. He fell from the top of our attic ladder while storing some boxes. He tried to grab on to a metal framing stud to stop the fall, and ended up severing a nerve and tendon in the thumb of his right hand. Praise the Lord that the operation to repair this damage went well. Within three months, he should regain full use of his hand. We appreciate your prayers for Josh!

New Church Plant

Less than two weeks after our arrival, we had the privilege to send Carlos Fernandez and his family off to their new home 4 hours south of Santiago to begin preparations for a new church plant. Please pray for them as they settle into their new life in the town of Parral and begin to look for a rental property to launch Liberty Baptist Church of Parral. We love this young couple and believe that with the help of the Lord they are equipped to begin a great work of spreading the gospel in this needy area of Chile. Although we weren’t able to spend much time with them between our arrival and their departure, we will be making frequent trips to help them plant the new church in the coming months. Pray for God to open the hearts of the people in Parral to the gospel.

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