We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Radical Week

It’s summer time in the Southern Hemisphere; which means it’s also teen camp time for over 120 teens from the churches on our team in Chile.This year we had the privilege of hosting Miguel Sanabria as the main camp speaker. He and his wife are missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions in Colombia.The theme of this year’s camp was “Radical”. God used Miguel and others to teach the teens about God’s radical love for us and how He deserves our radical service for Him. We praise the Lord for many decisions made during this special week. Teens trusted Jesus as Savior, rededicated their lives to Christ, and registered for the upcoming semester of courses in the Chile Training Center. We are expecting great things from this upcoming generation!

Liberty Baptist Church of Parral

If you have been following the ministry in Chile, you would have heard that there are two young couples ready to go out and plant churches. Carlos Fernandez with his wife and son have now transitioned to their new city, Parral; which is a little over three hours south of Santiago. God has opened many doors for this young family. They rented a home and settled in quickly, and have now rented a church building. As the facility is undergoing some remodeling, much work and planning is being done to prepare for the church launch. Our family, Chilean pastors and missionaries on our team have taken trips to assist Carlos and his wife in distributing literature and getting to know people. Liberty Baptist Church of Parral will be inaugurated on March 15th. Please be in prayer for this new work.

Cross Baptist Church

John Moncada and his wife and son are also actively working toward the launch of Cross Baptist Church here in Santiago. John actually began his search for a building long before Carlos did. But God (in His timing that often seems mysterious to us) chose to provide this need almost immediately for Carlos, and has seen fit for John to wait. Please continue to pray for John as he is persistently following leads and trusting God to provide the right building at the right time for Cross Baptist Church. Our two oldest children are assisting John with this project. Joshua was disappointed with his hand injury we wrote about last month, because it meant he wouldn’t be able to lead music playing the guitar like they had planned. But he is nearly half way through his 30 physical therapy sessions and could be fully recovered before the launch. We hope to write next month about how God has worked all these things together for His glory!

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