We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Pressing On Online

As this letter is being written, Chile has declared a state of catastrophe and transitioned control of the government to the military, putting us into what would be considered martial law. Martial law is defined as “the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions by a government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster”. With this step, changes can be made more quickly as needed. COVID-19 has progressed at a rapid pace here these days, and the government is taking great strides to slow the spread of the virus. Due to increasing restrictions, we have altered several aspects of the ministry here in Chile. The majority of the churches on our team already stream their services online. Each church is now adjusting and upgrading that process to ensure that the gospel is continuing to be preached even when people are not permitted to come to church. We are also live streaming each course of the Chile Training Center through closed Facebook groups. This has proven to be an effective alternative so we can continue to prepare these young men and women for ministry without pause. We are praying for the churches in the US and around the world who are in a similar circumstance that we all might have discernment concerning how to press on during this trying time, knowing God is in control.

Missions Intern

Twenty years ago I spent 6 months on an internship in Peru. The lessons learned during that time were of great importance in my training process for missions. God has now given us the opportunity to host a young intern here in Chile. Graham Young has finished his courses in the Our Generation Training Center and is working with us for 6 months. Graham has a servant’s heart, is a hard worker, and has shown great spiritual maturity during this pandemic. His internship isn’t looking quite like we all thought it would, but God is using this time to grow his faith.

New Birth

Liberty Baptist of Parral held its inaugural service last week several visitors attended, and the Lord blessed in many ways. The owners of the rented facility also attended with his family. Although they are Catholic, they are excited to have a church in their facility and have been very gracious to Pastor Carlos and Harlet. We are praying for their salvation! Although this is a difficult time for a newchurch, Carlos is standing fast in the truth that God’s timing is never wrong. He also is transitioning to online services until it is again permitted to hold public meetings. Please continue to pray for this new church plant!


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