We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Extraordinary Easter

No doubt, Easter 2020 was a very unique one for churches all over the world; including here in Chile. Due to the strong Catholic influence in our culture, Easter week always serves as a particularly special time to reach out to unbelievers. Our churches go to great lengths to seize the opportunity to spread the gospel through a multitude of events. Although we lamented the loss of opportunity to come together physically for church activities and services, we found new ways to reach out to the community and to encourage our church people. At Liberty Baptist church we held online Easter services Friday and Saturday night, in addition to our two Sunday services. We invited two ministry friends from Peru, David Gardner, and Miguel Murillo, to preach as well. Because of the unique circumstances, I also had the privilege to preach special Easter
messages in two churches here in Chile and in one church in Guatemala.

Ministering creatively

While we eagerly anticipate the day we can return to face-to-face ministry, God has opened many new doors of opportunity for our churches. Our team has worked together to share and attempt new ideas for ministering to believers and the community. We are seeing fruit in each church, and continuing to learn as we go. Before this unique phase of ministry is over, we will be experts in design, streaming, Zoom, and many other forms of online outreach! We hope to continue to use most of these news means as secondary
strategies even when we can assemble together again. Our family has enjoyed this forced slow down, and more time together. But ministry is in our blood, and we are still staying very busy in our work for the Lord. Here are some of the new ways we have been able to minister during this time:

• I have been recording messages for our church services and for other churches, teaching Bible
college courses via Zoom, and training pastors via Zoom.
• Lori is leading a weekly ladies study with over 50 women via Facebook
Live, teaching her Bible College course via Zoom, and discipling via
Facebook video.
• Katie and Josh are recording weekly children’s ministry videos, and
recording music for our church services.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and the ministry
here in Chile. We are praying for you as well!


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