We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Church Planting Conference

For the past few years, we have hosted an annual church planting conference every April. This year our pastor, Austin Gardner, and the director of Vision Baptist Missions, Jeff Bush was scheduled to speak. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference had to be moved online. This virtual platform allowed us to offer three days of training to national pastors and missionaries throughout Latin America. During the days leading up to the conference 670 pastors, church planters, pastors’ wives, and local church leaders from several countries in Latin America signed-up to be a part of the conference! This far surpassed the number of ministry leaders we would have had with a regular in-person conference. God is using the pandemic to expand His work and to train more church planters. Praise the Lord! (The picture to the right shows a Question and Answer Zoom session from the conference.)

Ministering in Mandatory Quarantine

The cases of Coronavirus have been on the rise during the past few weeks in Chile. By mid-May our city, Santiago, went under a complete, military-enforced quarantine. We can only leave our home if we apply for a permit from a government website. Lord willing this will not last too long. Despite the changes and obstacles, the ministry continues strong in Chile! All of our churches are broadcasting their services online. Many families are being reached that might not have been reached under “normal” circumstances. In addition to teaching our regular Bible college classes at the Chile Training Center, both Lori and I are leading additional classes and book studies throughout the week.

Chilean Mission Conference

Liberty Baptist Church in Santiago had their 4th annual missions conference scheduled for May.  Even with the quarantine restrictions, we decided to host the conference online. Missionary Kyle Shreve was our virtual guest speaker. We also heard short pre-recorded interviews from each of the 5 missionaries the church supports. Despite the uncertain financial times, the church family responded with a great faith promise commitments for this next year. God is good, and we are blessed to serve Him!


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