We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

My oldest son Josh turned 16 yesterday!
He was born on the mission field of Santiago, Chile. From a young age, Josh has been a very social, friendly person. He doesn’t meet a stranger! He’s also very kind and one of the most helpful people I know.
From the beginning, Josh has been involved in ministry. He started out by helping in our children’s church program. While he continues to teach in the children’s ministry, he also works as an assistant to the youth pastor at Liberty Baptist Church and helps plan and lead youth events. He also takes turns leading music and playing the guitar in services. In recent years, Josh has developed a love and skill for videography and editing and works on media projects for the Chile Ministry and Vision Baptist Missions. In fact, Josh is the young man behind the camera of many videos I’ve done recently.

Josh wants to be a missionary.
To get a head start on his preparation, he is taking a class at the Chile Training Center and Bible Institute courses at Liberty Baptist, all while finishing up his sophomore year of high school! Josh currently works as an English teacher and is saving most of his earnings to attend the Our Generation Training Center, where he hopes to train for missions. This young man goes to bed early so he can wake up early, usually at 5:30 am, to start his day.
Lori and I are incredibly proud of Josh and the young man God is molding him to be. We are excited about how the Lord will use him. Happy birthday, Josh! We love you very much!