We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

June was another month of total quarantine, martial law, international border closures, and mandatory curfews. The ICUs are over capacity with COVID patients, leading some hospitals to close their Emergency Rooms to any new patients. Yes, the COVID scene might have changed dramatically in the USA, but South America continues to feel the full weight of the pandemic. 

Despite all of this, the gospel ministry continues running strong through the faithful preaching of God’s Word in local churches around Chile! Liberty Baptist Church in Santiago is taking full advantage of the government’s new permissions for church services. They are allowing religious “mass” for up to 10 people per service. While we do not hold “masses”, we are holding Bible-preaching services and filling up the limited schedules with as many as possible! Our Sunday evening services (pictured above) are meeting at 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 PM! We are doubling up on other services as well. Thankfully, we have seen first-time visitors in June! We are praying for several of them to put their faith in Christ soon. Thank you for your continued support and prayers during these challenging times!

As this church grows and we plan for post-COVID times, Liberty Baptist in Santiago needs a larger building. As you know, we are seeking to purchase a piece of property for this church as soon as possible. God has already provided $74,427! Please pray and consider giving towards this need! All offerings can be sent to: Vision Baptist Missions, PO Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009, Memo: Liberty Land Fund.

Training Chileans to Reach the World    

In June, we started our second trimester at the Chile Training Center. Once again, the pandemic has forced all of our classes online. But this disadvantage has allowed us to expand our training! This trimester, we are offering 22 hours of classes each week. We have 96 students from 19 local churches taking classes online. Our team of pastors and their wives are all doing a phenomenal job preparing the next generation. This is the largest group of students, represented churches, and number of credit hours ever offered! To God be the glory!

This month also marked another milestone for the ministry in Chile. Camilo Encina and his family left Chile as missionaries to Ecuador. Camilo is a graduate of the Chile Training Center. We are so excited to see our first graduate be sent to the mission field! Pray for their family as they plan to start a church later this year.