We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions
The young man pictured above is Rick. He is a former Mormon who put his faith in Jesus Christ when he was invited to a Bible-preaching church by his best friend. Rick will be graduating from the Chile Training Center in December 2021 and is eager to plant a church next year.
Last week, Rick, his pastor, Mauricio, and I surveyed 4 communities in Santiago, each with great gospel needs and opportunities. Roughly half a million people live in this area, and there are no Bible-preaching churches. The community of Renca (pictured above) is currently at the top of our list for where to plant a church.  
Will you pray with us for Rick? Pray for him to stay strong as he finishes up his studies. Pray that God would lead him to the right area to start a church and that he would also provide Rick with a godly wife. I am excited to think of souls that will come to know Jesus because of this young man!