We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Three reasons: Miguel, José, and Carlos
Giving Tuesday Project #1

On Wednesday evening, October 20th, I met three teenage brothers who moved into a home across the street from Liberty Baptist in Santiago. Sadly, the brothers were raised in a Catholic home and are trusting in their own good works to earn their salvation. During our initial conversation, José said he was interested in studying the Bible and listened as I shared the gospel with him. The seed was planted, and we are following up with them even as I write this letter. Please pray!

These brothers are one example of the tens of thousands that live within a one-mile walk of Liberty Baptist in Santiago that need the gospel. We are striving to reach them and need a larger building soon to accommodate the growth God has given our young church plant. During the past month, two of our faithful supporting churches gave a total of $15,000 towards the property for Liberty Baptist Church in Santiago, Chile! Thank you so much for praying and giving! As we approach our goal, would you consider giving towards land for Liberty Baptist to help us reach more people like Miguel, José, and Carlos?

Building dorms and needing a 
Giving Tuesday Project #2

In October, we broke ground on our new dorm expansion at the Chile Training Center. This space will allow us to accommodate more students as they prepare for the ministry. We are so thankful for our supporters who have given to make this project possible! The only part lacking to complete the new addition is an additional $5,000 for the kitchen expansion. Would you pray about giving towards this need?

Help a Church Plant
Giving Tuesday Project #3

Ricardo Nilian will be graduating from the Chile Training Center next month. Lord willing, he will be leading a church plant in Padre Hurtado, a community on the southside of Santiago. We are excited about how God will use this young man to continue to reach this growing suburb for Christ! We will be working alongside Ricardo and helping him with temporary support for the first two years. Will you pray about giving towards the needed $5,000 to fully fund his budget?

COME & SEE what God is doing in Chile! 
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