We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

#GivingTuesday UPDATE!

One of our 3 projects this #GivingTuesday has been to buy land for Liberty Baptist Church. Since yesterday, $6,167.25 has been given towards this project. With matched funds, a total of $12,334.50 has been committed towards buying land for Liberty. Praise the Lord! 

There are still plenty of funds left to be matched for Liberty–$8,832.75 to be exact. Will you prayerfully consider helping with this need?

To give, go to Thank you for partnering with us!
Along with the Liberty project, we are also asking God to provide for the:
  • Expansion of the Chile Training Center facilities
  • Funding of a church-plant and a young pastor
So far, $1,914.80 has been donated towards the Chile Training Center Expansion. Click on the video above to see the Chile Training Center and the current construction going on.

$115 has also been designated towards funding a church-plant and helping a young pastor. We are trusting in the Lord to meet these needs as well. 

To give towards these projects, go to Thank you for your generosity! 
Tune in to our final Facebook LIVE starting at 6 PM EST! You’ll get to hear Ricardo Nillian’s story of how God transformed him from a Mormon & atheist into a gospel preacher. We’ll also be joined by the rest of the Chile Team of missionaries and by Pastor Trent Cornwell.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!