We hope that God uses these updates to challenge you to do more for the cause of world missions

Carlos graduated from the Chile Training Center with a degree in pastoral theology, and after spending a few years working in various leadership roles at Liberty Baptist Church in Santiago, he told Jason he believed God wanted him to start a church in Parral, a city 4 hours south.

They rented a building and prepared to have the first service on March 15, 2020. Little did they know that the world was about to be thrust into an unforeseen situation never before experienced in modern times. Liberty Baptist Church of Parral had its first service that Sunday. That same day, the Chilean government announced that quarantine would start, effectively shutting down in-person services at Liberty.

Undeterred by the restrictions, Carlos used the internet to follow up with visitors from the first service. He had Bible studies and discipleship classes. For the few hours he was allowed to leave his house during the week, he went through the neighborhood with fliers, desperately seeking contacts with whom he could follow up. Soon, people began to put their faith in Jesus, and the church began to grow. Chile may have shut down, but God’s work was still going forward.

Thankfully, Liberty is now able to have in-person services, and there is a steady group of about thirty people coming week by week, including several faithful families. The need has arisen to buy a property that the church can call its own. Just two years into this church plant, almost half of which has been online, God has expanded His church to this point–what a blessing!

As for Carlos, he has proven himself to be a hard worker, dedicated to what God wants him to do. God has blessed him with a godly wife, Harlet, as well as two beautiful children. He is faithfully leading the flock God has given him, and we can’t wait to see how God uses him in the future. Would you pray about giving so that this church could have its own building to have services in and so that Carlos can most effectively pastor as God would lead him?